Qigong Sessions by Video

Qigong has been a game changer in my family’s health. My brother AJ brought us this lifestyle after turning his own life around..

He was a fast-paced urbanite living in NYC, selling high end furniture to some very big names. He had a lavish life until the 2008 financial crisis, when he lost almost everything and came out West to be closer to his family. The following depression he experienced was extremely difficult, but he turned his life back around by learning the premise and practice of Qigong.

What brought him so much joy of course had to be shared – our mother found benefit to her EDS with practice as did I for BorreliaEtc. I loved the basic moves, and then one day in mid-winter 2018 made me a “believer”of the whole healing package.

After having a seizure, or seizure-like episode, I was left unable to think nor speak. I couldn’t communicate with anyone, but I could imitate. I started following AJ in the breathing exercise, and just three deep breaths later I was able to think and converse again.

That was all the “proof” I needed.

AJ has been leading Qigong classes at a local athletic club, and now (especially good timing with COVID-19) he’s starting to offer video classes with Zoom.us

So please join these sessions if that pleases you! He will be available every morning (weekends too!) at 9:30a* for an Awaken Vitality session:

Zoom Meeting ID: 113-922-499

(No password needed)

On the android mobile app it will look like this:

All you need to do is download Zoom (a free app – just visit the Play/Apple Store. Also available on your browser) and click/tap “Join” to enter the Meeting ID Number.

There is a second daily meeting available at 4p* called “Qi & Tea ~ Let’s Talk” so we can discuss the focuses of Qigong and so AJ can answer any questions. This might be a time of learning a new move, or doing a simple, guided practice… but it will not be intended for serious practice.

Those with chronic illnesses will absolutely want to join this later discussion and feel the gentle welcome to Qigong without being thrown into a full session that might be too demanding (at first) for a body that is seeking health and wellness. And if we get the interest from people with BorreliaEtc AJ may make another meeting specifically for us. 🙂 We’ll see how the Universe unfolds.

Qi & Tea; Let’s Talk! (4p)

Zoom Meeting ID: 391-063-607

Password: 034453

If you want to talk to AJ directly please email him at MisterAJR1@gmail.com


*Pacific time zone always, if you are elsewhere in the world please contact us so we can figure out what time for you!

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