Picnic is tomorrow!

Harts Of Lyme is happy to be sponsoring WA’s 17th Annual Potluck Picnic for those who live with BorreliaEtc, complex chronic illnesses and their families/caregivers!

We’ve booked Wapato Park, the Main Picnic Area for the 2nd Saturday of September. This is an absolutely beautiful park in South Tacoma; if you’ve never been before you are in for a treat!

Tucked away in lots of trees and behind a waterfall is a lake with a level ground to walk around, a children’s playground, an off-leash dog park, walking trails – there’s even a dock for fishing! (No licence required!)

We have Pranayama Yoga, Qigong and Meditation practitioners among us, I’m sure you’ll find something you enjoy and relate to!

As normal, all we truly “plan” for is an afternoon of relaxation, conversation, support and sharing with wonderful people and equally wonderful food.

There is no cost to attend; if you wish to donate towards next year’s picnic there will be a donation box but it is entirely voluntary.

Important details:

Who: patients with chronic, complex illnesses and those who support them (family, friends, medical professionals, other interested community supporters and even well-behaved four-legged friends).

What: The 17th Annual Lyme in WA Picnic (a potluck) sponsored by Harts of Lyme (patient Anna and her parents Lorraine and Matt).
This is a special event for the Community at large to gather one more time before winter settles in, it’s a low-key social gathering.

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment or email me!

This picnic is a potluck, and we are a community who live with a TON of dietary restrictions, but that has never stopped delicious food!
With your dish please make a list of your ingredients, this information should accompany your potluck contribution on the table.

Please try to AVOID the following ingredients:





We look forward to your delightful dishes! Many thanks in advance.
Some may want to ask for recipes (it’s happened before, we are talking of a very imaginative community!) so you may want to bring a notebook.
Please bring your own beverages (important note: alcoholic beverages are not allowed in parks). The Harts will bring water.

The shelter is reserved with minimal seating and tables. Please bring your own chairs and/or blankets to make yourselves as comfortable as possible.
Do you have extra supplements that you don’t need or old books you’d like to pass on? Please bring anything Lyme-related to the park for others, we will happily set up a Give Away table.
(With supplements, please check expiration dates.)

Thank you in advance for helping and supporting others!

Please don’t bring:

Picnic supplies, such as plates, napkins, table cloths and utensils. We’ll supply all of those.

To maintain a comfortable and safe environment for all, this is a fragrance free event. This means please refrain from wearing any perfumes, scented body-products and scented clothing (from laundry detergent to soaps and shampoos).
No smoking or vaping of any kind will be allowed at this event.

You are more than welcome to take photos (please ask people you don’t know for their preference) but we do ask that you do not record near the pavilion nor the circle. lf you want to do a Facebook Live or IG (etc), there are beautiful trails to walk just a bit away from the shelter, and there is a gorgeous lake to walk around.
To maintain a relaxing environment for our guests loud music, noisy games, sports equipment or the like will not be allowed.
The weather in the Puget Sound region of Washington State is lovely in September. Upper 60’s – lower 70’s and partly cloudy. Perfect for a BorreliaEtc picnic!
We look forward to another year!

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