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Monday Night Blog – 18 April, 2022

It’s been a week since the general support group and I can say: it was a big success. Big. Huge. I was feeling over the moon when we ended and that feeling is still carrying me today. 11 people attended from 3 countries: the… Continue Reading “Monday Night Blog – 18 April, 2022”

Why do I feel like such a drain?

(Written January, 2019) Papa Matt’s credit card expired and he got a new one recently. It’s bringing to the surface just how much my parents pay for me to live “comfortably” and somewhat close to “normal” even though I’m one of those ‘entitled liberals… Continue Reading “Why do I feel like such a drain?”

8 December, 2021

When you see a glass in front of you, do you view it as half-full or half-empty? This really is a serious question you should look at; how do you view life? When you are faced with a dire situation do you spring into… Continue Reading “8 December, 2021”

Brazil Caregiver Asks For Kindness

Here is my contribution to the subject of the social drama people who live with Lyme Disease face in terms of relationships. –João Lyme Disease is rare in Brazil and people do not know what it means to live every day with the resulting… Continue Reading “Brazil Caregiver Asks For Kindness”

Check in, end of July ’21

May Is Lyme Awareness Month

By Lorraine Hart It’s May, and I find myself wanting to be on that grassy triangle at the Purdy traffic lights. This will be the first time in fifteen years I haven’t held our Washington Lyme Rally, holding my, “Lyme Lives Here” sign, and… Continue Reading “May Is Lyme Awareness Month”

Gentle QiGong Practice for the BorreliaEtc Community

Update 2021: these classes have been discontinued due to strange new neurological symptoms I’ve been dealing with. If you are at all interested in learning more about Qigong please explore YouTube, there are many wonderful resources. Or send us a message at AJ,… Continue Reading “Gentle QiGong Practice for the BorreliaEtc Community”

Qigong Sessions by Video

Qigong has been a game changer in my family’s health. My brother AJ brought us this lifestyle after turning his own life around.. He was a fast-paced urbanite living in NYC, selling high end furniture to some very big names. He had a lavish… Continue Reading “Qigong Sessions by Video”

Picnic is tomorrow!

Harts Of Lyme is happy to be sponsoring WA’s 17th Annual Potluck Picnic for those who live with BorreliaEtc, complex chronic illnesses and their families/caregivers! We’ve booked Wapato Park, the Main Picnic Area for the 2nd Saturday of September. This is an absolutely beautiful… Continue Reading “Picnic is tomorrow!”

Our first conversion recorded