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It’s my birthday!!!!!! And I’m having a beautiful day already.

New phone theme!

I have a new look for my phone, and I’m quite pleased. I love the luna moth especially since the CG and I first talked about it being a wonderful mascot for tick infections.

Support Seshes Coming Up!

In the past 5 months Lorraine and I have been working with a group of wonderful people, who are also disabled, to set up a general support group on the Second Monday of the month. This is not a BorreliaEtc group, it doesn’t matter… Continue Reading “Support Seshes Coming Up!”

Which Tick, What Pathogen, & Where?!

When I put up the first video, some questions started coming in. Where would I find ticks in my yard? Which ticks are in my part of the country? What should I do if I find a tick on me or a loved one?… Continue Reading “Which Tick, What Pathogen, & Where?!”

How Many Annual Borrelia Cases In The USA?

Have you ever heard about a stadium called “The Big House” in Michigan? It can fit 107,601 people at full capacity. It would take filling more than 4 of these stadiums to reach the amount of USA Lyme disease cases diagnosed e.v.e.r.y year. (476,000)… Continue Reading “How Many Annual Borrelia Cases In The USA?”

Monday Night Blog – 18 April, 2022

It’s been a week since the general support group and I can say: it was a big success. Big. Huge. I was feeling over the moon when we ended and that feeling is still carrying me today. 11 people attended from 3 countries: the… Continue Reading “Monday Night Blog – 18 April, 2022”

Why do I feel like such a drain?

(Written January, 2019) Papa Matt’s credit card expired and he got a new one recently. It’s bringing to the surface just how much my parents pay for me to live “comfortably” and somewhat close to “normal” even though I’m one of those ‘entitled liberals… Continue Reading “Why do I feel like such a drain?”

8 December, 2021

When you see a glass in front of you, do you view it as half-full or half-empty? This really is a serious question you should look at; how do you view life? When you are faced with a dire situation do you spring into… Continue Reading “8 December, 2021”

Brazil Caregiver Asks For Kindness

Here is my contribution to the subject of the social drama people who live with Lyme Disease face in terms of relationships. –João Lyme Disease is rare in Brazil and people do not know what it means to live every day with the resulting… Continue Reading “Brazil Caregiver Asks For Kindness”

Check in, end of July ’21