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Welcome to the audio/visual portion of the site! Anna and Lorraine have been taking some time to make some videos that cover educational and emotional topics.

Please subscribe to the channel, that way you will be alerted as soon as a new video is uploaded, you won’t have to rely on us updating this page.

When you see an upload from us, that means you should good cuppa of your choice beverage and come sit for a visit.

If you would like to submit a topic suggestion, or have a question for us,  please don’t be shy!

Straight From The Hart – Part 1, Medicinal Cannabis for BorreliaEtc

Part 1 of the latest video can only be watched on YouTube as it is marked “not for children” by us (because of the topic). Please go to YT by clicking this link for the video.

Part 2, Communication, is below. 

Straight From The Hart  – Part 2, Communication

This is a song the CG and I recorded years and years ago.

The Suffering of Lyme

BorreliaEtc Flare Up
Service dog training
Intro part 2
Straight From The Hart – Welcome
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