The Family Grows

Marlon Clyburn (upper left), me (upper right), Tracy Carson (lower left), and Theus Robinson (lower right) - screenshot from Radical Truth To Power on YouTube
A screenshot of Radical Truth To Power:
Marlon Clyburn (upper left), Tracy Carson (lower left), Theus Robinson (lower right), and me (upper right)

Biological vs. Logical Families

We all have our biological families; we are given no choice as to who is included in this group… if we share DNA then we are family.

There’s another kind of family, your logical family, where you connect with people on levels you have never even considered before. You just know deep down in your bones that the person you’re talking with is family.

Early in March of 2020, we were starting to seclude in our houses when the awful news broke: Breonna Taylor was murdered by the police in her bed on March 13th.

Then on May 25th, George Floyd was murdered by police. Those of us that know the cops carry animosity for black citizens couldn’t sit through it. (The history of policing in America has nothing to do with securing the safety of all citizens.. police were borne from slave patrols.) We needed to mobilize and demonstrate that we, the citizens, were horrified with how the police are treating our black brothers and sisters.

Black Lives Matter.

(If you have a problem with that statement, you are in the wrong place. Click the X at the top of the page.)

I had a conundrum. I wanted so badly to go out and protest. However, COVID-19 was spreading, we didn’t know much about it, and my immunocompromised body couldn’t handle going out. I was trying to think of something I could do, so I looked around YouTube for independent, black-led media.

That’s when I found Clickbaity Political Thirst Trap by Marcus Farrell and Mondale Robinson. My real education about Black American History was beginning.

Along my journey I’ve met incredible people who have challenged my views and taught me a lot about historical events I was never told the whole truth about (i.e. the Tulsa Massacre).

Clickbaity introduced me to Kim Brown who has a show called Burn It Down With Kim Brown

One day Kim brought Tracy on her show for an interview. Tracy was talking about labor, unionization, and big business tactics – she was so informed & eloquent in relating the facts that I signed up to became her first patreon subscriber.

Tracy then introduced me to Marlon and Theus by recommending Marlon’s channel, saying she would be on his show that weekend.

Funny thing – it was Clickbaity that drove Marlon to start making his own show: Radical Truth To Power. He started working with Tracy and Theus.. and together, they built a unique black-led show around current events.

I was watching RTTP for about a year when I started opening up about myself; I am out and open about being a Queer woman who is into leather, some bdsm, and other kinks. When I mentioned that I was making videos for my site.. that’s when Marlon “pulled me up on stage” with them.

Theus,  Complex Mind,  Simple Man.

Theus makes me laugh. Makes me think. Makes me consider me positions I’ve never considered before.

Though we come from extremely different backgrounds,  they all have insight I enjoy listening to.  And besides the weekend show, both Tracy and Theus have their own websites and videos!

So much goodness all in one place!


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