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Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.

-Brian Tracy

Through the years there have been several techniques we’ve learned to mitigate the symptoms and stress of life with BorreliaEtc as well as tips that have helped us organize the family and still balance individual needs. We want to share the information that was passed to us.

One of the most helpful things, and we plan on doing a video on this, is acupressure when tendons and/or muscles cramp.

I just happened to have an MD taking care of me who was doing her residency in the University of Washington’s Medical Center. She saw my feet continually flexing towards the ceiling with no relief, came over and pressed really firmly in certain spots — and my feet gave up. They relaxed.

Of course “the CG” (Mum likes when I use that title 😉 it’s said with nothing but love) immediately asked, “what was that you just did?!” to learn this technique. We worked out to find the cramp’s trigger spot, apply pressure there and… arms, feet, hands, wrists, legs… they give up and relax. They have no other choice.

Qigong has been such an ally; any energy work is extremely helpful.

I’m just learning about dōTerra Essential oils… Holy crow turmeric essential oil is like magic. Nothing else calms the constant buzzing I have from neuropathy like this does. It’s my third day of trying it. 🙂 The CG loves it, too! We became dōTerra members a few years ago.

We maintain a Herx Help List (though I’d like to come up with a different name for it) ..everything from spending time alone to listening to music, watching a special show/movie, journaling, napping, seeing a special friend, talking with your caregiver, seeking a support group, cannabis rub, cbd oil, activated charcoal, essential oils, a lavender pillow, a sticker book, a few articles about BorreliaEtc or maybe some new science, good food, raw honey, b-powered ( – $40 to get a jar of SUPER super food. It’s worth it, very very sweet so you don’t need much for flavor. And boy does it help!!), massagers, a walk in fresh air, meditation, Qigong, put your phone down and spend some time with your dog/cat/pet…

And that truly is but a taste of all the different helpful things we’ve compiled with the Community’s help.

There’s so much!

But yanno that part about put the phone down and and spend some time with your dog? Mine is kissing my feet right now. Heh

(To be cont’d..)

Posted 30 July, 2019

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