Gentle QiGong Practice for the BorreliaEtc Community

Update 2021: these classes have been discontinued due to strange new neurological symptoms I’ve been dealing with. If you are at all interested in learning more about Qigong please explore YouTube, there are many wonderful resources. Or send us a message at

AJ, Mum (my Caregiver), and I have been working on a gentle session of Qigong suited especially for the chronically ill.

Movements we explore:

  • Hip rotations
  • Shoulder flexes
  • Arms/Trunk stretch
  • Gathering and moving Qi through the lower dantien and the heart
  • LaChi brain cleanse with Qi Ball

If you are bedbound, let me ask you this: can you still close your eyes and use the power of your imagination? Think of raising your arms above your head, and move what is called your Light Body without any effort from your Physical Body. This will still move your energy around.

Make sure you have a chair or a bed close by so you can change positions when and if needed. These practices can all be done in bed, sitting down or standing up. You do what you can, nothing more.

Moving is a vital part to recovery, and I’ve not found anything else more suited to the healing process.

A couple of videos I’d love everyone in the BorreliaEtc Community to see are:


Viv is a BorreliaEtc patient and activist… but she fought for twenty years and without any recompense (spiritual or physical) she became burned out.  Then a friend mentioned Qigong to her and she was off on a quest of compassion.

Viv explains how she started to practice before she could move any part of her body and why that works. She also takes you through a little practice to relax the body.

If you have any questions please leave a comment below!

See you in the Qi field!


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