How Many Annual Borrelia Cases In The USA?

Have you ever heard about a stadium called “The Big House” in Michigan? It can fit 107,601 people at full capacity.

Michigan Stadium, photo © 2009 Getty Images
Michigan Stadium, © 2009 Getty Images

It would take filling more than 4 of these stadiums to reach the amount of USA Lyme disease cases diagnosed e.v.e.r.y year. (476,000)

That’s an average of diagnosing more than 1,300 cases every day.

Borreliosis has been growing at terrible rates in the USA alone. When I first joined the Lyme community in the 90’s we were talking about 30k a year, then that jumped to 300,000 after 2006, then by 2016 we had 476,000 cases yearly. The numbers will only continue to grow exponentially unless we can come up with a real vaccine or truly educate the masses.

Take a look at this YouTube someone took of Michigan Stadium doing a wave.

It takes about 30 seconds for that wave to go all the way around. Over a minute for two cycles.

Now think about 4 of these stadiums filled to the rafters, standing room only. That’s the average of how many people are diagnosed with BorreliaEtc in the USA every year, and actually, we haven’t had an update in the average number of cases in years.

Please be careful when you go out.

Johns Hopkins University has good tips on how to protect you and your family. Read about them here.

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