Support Seshes Coming Up!

In the past 5 months Lorraine and I have been working with a group of wonderful people, who are also disabled, to set up a general support group on the Second Monday of the month.

This is not a BorreliaEtc group, it doesn’t matter the type of disability one walks with.

Around The Fire Support Seshes were born.

A group sitting around a fire, talking.

Text says: "Around The Fire,  BIDWKB"
Around The Fire, a peer support group for disabled people by disabled people

If you’d like more information, please contact us privately by email.

This group has worked so well that we were asked if we could expand our scope. We have around 10 people per sesh, which is a good number for the 2 hours we have.. but some couldn’t make the original time (it is late for Europeans) and some people wanted to meet more regularly. Beyond that, we had caregivers join us and so we now have three groups:

1. The Original Sesh stays the same, the 2nd Monday of the month at 2p Pacific USA Time, 5p Eastern USA, 10p British Summer Time.

2. The Caregiver Support Sesh is on the Second Sunday of the month at the same time as the original group. (2p Pacific, 5p Eastern USA..)

3. The Additional Support Sesh is on the last Sunday of the month and is at a different time: 12 Noon Pacific Time, 3p Eastern USA, 8p British Summer Time, 9p Eastern France and German Time

September Seshes:

πŸ”₯ Around The Fire πŸ”₯
Caregiver Support Sesh
Sunday 11 Sep
5p EDT (2p PDT)

πŸ”₯ Around The Fire πŸ”₯
Disability Support Sesh
Monday, 12th September
5p EDT (2p PDT)

Contact us for more information

πŸ”₯ Around The Fire πŸ”₯
End of the Month Additional Sesh
Sunday, 25 September
3p EDT/12p Noon PDT

A crystal ball with a fire lit up inside. Text says "Around The Fire" and "BIDWKB"

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