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From ‘s newsletter, this is focusing on energy in the healing process and is a really good read. Sometimes the most simple information is what smacks the hardest between the eyes.

Qigong has been THE most helpful practice (some will say exercise, but that isn’t quite the right word) for my physical, emotional and mental needs. Understanding life-force energy: Qi (or Chi, it’s spelled a couple different ways but said the same) and the way it is integrated into the fabric of the Universe is extremely helpful for healing.

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Happy Month of June!

As I mentioned in my last email a few days ago… everything in the Universe is made of the same thing — energy.

Behind all forms of energy finding a unique expression is the formless creative source energy of the Universe. When energy gets expressed in unhealthy patterns we call disease or trauma, we can bring these energies into a state of health (freely flowing harmonized energy) through simple movement practices, sounds, and visualizations with energy healing practices.

Over the course of the next few emails I hope to begin to outline some of the essential teachings of Wisdom Healing Qigong for activating the natural healthy condition. The healing techniques can apply to a particular personal condition, a condition of another person, or a condition in your workplace or the world.

The purpose of Qigong energy healing is to unblock and release the healing power within you and amplify the exchange of life force energy (chi/qi) between you and the Universe. When we bring balance to the energies of our being and the energy of the Universe, we create harmony within ourselves.

Whether you are new to energy-based healing or have been working with energy as a therapist, doctor, or Qigong student, whether you are sick or healthy, we trust both the theory and the practices will bring great benefit to your life and all that you care deeply about.

The beauty of Zhineng Wisdom Healing Qigong’s approach to healing is that nothing is isolated — nothing is excluded, everything belongs. We encourage you to integrate the techniques, practices, and insights from Qigong-style healing with your existing medical and spiritual approach to healing. It all belongs.

Another essential understanding is the Wisdom Healing Qigong principle that we are all in this together. Again, nothing is isolated. So, as you experiment with the teachings, movements, meditations, and sounds, imagine being connected with all of us doing the same… and together we will activate even more energy for each other’s healing efforts!

All of your previous spiritual practices and experiences can be integrated into these understandings. One does not need to ‘convert’ in order to participate and benefit. You can discover how this Wisdom Healing Qigong expression of wisdom adds to your understanding of energetic healing, and then utilize these healing technologies in conjunction with your own specific healing and spiritual methodologies, such as yoga, Reiki, meditation, rituals, prayer, etc. On the other hand, you can start from scratch with this fresh perspective and allow your belief to evolve from your experiences.

More about Qigong, Health, and Energy Flow

When we are healthy and happy our energy is flowing freely in a state of balance, integration, and harmony. The energy associated with our being flows both within and around the body. The energy of our being is intricately interwoven with the creative life force energy of the Universe. Understanding our relationship with this energy, foundational to all of creation, we can seed our own future, initiate our own well-being, and activate our own divine potential and the divine blueprint of life around us.

Disease and dysfunction show up when the energy of any system is out-of-balance. This appears as stagnation, blockage, or in some other significant way. Whether the condition is a dis-ease in your body, such as cancer, Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis, or exists on a larger scale, like the societal problem of prisons, the healing process is the same. We bring the full power of the creative energy of the Universe deep into the interior of the blocked energy by providing energy to this system with a revitalized purpose: the transformation into its natural potential — a healthy, happy, balanced state of freely flowing energy.

When we supplement practice with the transmission of harmonious information (theory and science), we amplify the healing energy’s penetration deep into our molecular structure and deliberately provide a new framework for the transformational process. Integrating the wisdom of the mind, body and spirit, we learn both to generate this new energy and information as well as receive and share it.

Utilizing the Capacity of Consciousness

“Where the mind goes, energy flows” is the operating principle and power behind Wisdom Healing Qigong healing. We use our mind, body movement, visualization, Inner Smile practices, and sound vibration in an integrated manner. Therefore it is important to understand that the purpose of each of these techniques, is to help the mind concentrate and remain focused. Each technology supports the mind by giving a positive frequency to the energy and to the mental information that it is directing. Along the way you will enjoy many positive side effects.

Using our mind (consciousness), we can send our thoughts anywhere, deep into the cells of our organs’ tissues or even deep into the cells of society’s prisons. With our consciousness, we can direct energy anywhere within ourselves and within our world.

All things come and go. The processes of accumulation and dissolution are the natural patterns of energy, just as ice melts to water and then evaporates to steam. We have the power to alter and magnify these processes by using our minds to give neutral energy (known as Huan Yin chi), a purpose and direction.

With strong intention and concentration, we can use our minds to move energy, shifting its state of being, and thus dissolving and dispersing any stuck or sticky energy.

This process of intention and concentration trains the mind to have flexibility beyond our narrow five sensory perception.

We develop an energetic awareness that calms the mind’s tendencies to jump from thought to thought: “What about this? What about that? What about my story? What’s happening with my diagnosis?”

Using detailed imagery and visualization, we begin to perceive like an MRI machine functions — going through all the layers of our being — choosing where we wish to focus our minds on a particular layer in the body, and cultivating the ability to hold the image of health in our mind stream effortlessly.

Soon, the sense of energetic wholeness, the sense of energetic perfection, will become second nature and automatically arise every time you practice.

Energetic Fields

Energetic fields are all around us, and to a large extent, we participate in them unconsciously. Examples of energetic fields include gravity, family habits, and a crowd at a ball game.

Wisdom Healing Qigong uses the phrase “a chi field” to represent the formless energy organized around certain teachings and practices. A chi field is beyond the constraints of space and time, beyond feelings, beyond labels, and beyond physical perceptions.

The quality of a chi field is the accumulative experiences and aspirations of all of its participants, the wisdom and realization of its leader(s), and the generosity of its purpose to benefit all life. All of this energy is available for our healing transformation and awakening.

One of the most precious gifts of Wisdom Healing Qigong technology is the practice of organizing, activating, and cultivating the collective chi field of healing, wellbeing, longevity, and spiritual growth.

I’ll close for now, and share more about the chi field and how it works in my next email tomorrow!

Radiant blessings to you,

Sallena Pool | Director of Operations & Communications | The Chi Center

On behalf of Master Mingtong Gu, Founder of The Chi Center for Wisdom Healing Qigong, headquartered near Santa Fe, New Mexico

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