Increase of Borrelia Statistics

The Global Lyme Alliance just shared that:

The latest CDC data indicates that there are more than 427,000 new cases of Lyme disease in the U.S. each year. This is a 30% increase in just one year.

(My emphasis.)

The mice told us from their 2015-16 increase in numbers that tick numbers would increase dramatically by 2017… and with the help of climate change, more tick numbers and species are surviving across the world in places they couldn’t before.

Please, please read Mary Beth Pfeiffer’s book Lyme Disease: The First Epidemic of Climate Change ( for more specific information with resources.

Advocates braced ourselves for one helluva year. We are still trying to sort out this new community landscape; I’ve met more people suffering here in WA State in 2017-18 than I knew in my first 5 YEARS of advocating here put together. The calls, emails, and messages haven’t slowed down now that it’s 2019.

At the least we are still trying to process what is happening in our own bodies and minds, while still helping others with every last bit of energy we have.

It’s exhausting. Think of having maybe 3 spoons left on any given day… what would you spend them on?

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