Annual Picnic

It’s incredible how quickly a year can pass. It seems like just yesterday we were preparing for the 15th Annual Potluck in 2017… but here we are 11 months later…


Harts Of Lyme is happy to be sponsoring WA’s 16th Annual Potluck Picnic for those who live with BorreliaEtc and their families/caregivers! We’ve booked Pt. Defiance Park, the Gig Harbor View Point Picnic Area (along 5 Mile Drive) for the 3rd Saturday of September.


Topics we are hoping to talk about:

Pranayama Yoga and Meditation
Medical Cannabis
Qigong Healing

But as normal (last year was very special) all we truly “plan” for is for an afternoon of relaxation, conversation, support and sharing with wonderful people and equally wonderful food.

There is no cost to attend, if you wish to donate towards next year’s picnic there will be a donation box but it is entirely voluntary.

Important details:

Who: patients with chronic, complex illnesses and those who support them (family, friends, medical professionals, other interested community supporters and even well-behaved four-legged friends).

What: The 16th Annual WA Lyme Picnic (a potluck) sponsored by Harts of Lyme (patient Anna and her parents Lorraine and Matt). This is a special event for the Community at large to gather one more time before winter settles in, it’s a low-key social gathering.


Please RSVP to either [Facebook] event page. You are welcome to send a private Facebook message or email Anna at

If you have any questions, please ask away!

When: Saturday, September 15, 2018 from 2 p.m. til we go home

Where: Point Defiance Park, Tacoma, Washington, Gig Harbor Viewpoint picnic area/shelter.


Follow Five Mile Dive from the park entrance to the event area at the tip of the peninsula. We will put up green balloons to help lead you.

To learn more about this picnic area and view a map, follow this link:

There will be a parking lot and handicap-accessible restrooms just a few steps from the picnic shelter.

Why:  Our mission and vision of this event is to share a relaxing afternoon and evening where we can reflect, share, have conversations and visit with old friends and welcome new ones in a beautiful and tranquil setting.

What to Bring:

Yourself and those who support you!

This picnic is a potluck so we ask that you to bring food to share with others.

***Due to the dietary restrictions for many, please note the following guidelines: please bring a written ingredient list and specify whether your food is organic or nonorganic; this information should accompany your potluck contribution on the table.

Please try to avoid the following ingredients:

  • gluten
  • dairy
  • alcohol
  • sugar

We look forward to your delightful dishes! Many thanks in advance. Some may want to ask for recipes (it’s happened before, we are talking of a very imaginative community!) so you may want to bring a notebook.

Please bring your own beverages (important note: alcoholic beverages are not allowed in parks). The Harts will bring water and there is a sink at the pavilion.

The shelter is reserved with minimal seating and tables. Please bring your own chairs or blankets to make yourselves comfortable.

Oh, are you drowning in bottles of OTC meds you don’t need anymore?

And what if I told you that shampoo bottle and toothpaste tube you just finished could help patients with BorreliaEtc?

The Give Away Table

Bring your extra OTC supplements and vitamins! Bring books you’d like to pass along! Business cards to share!

Please bring anything to the park for others, we will happily set up a Give Away table. With supplements et al please check expiration dates. (Remember, “sell by” dates are very different than the product expiring. I’ve had many doctors tell me that pills last years beyond expiration dates, though they do lose some efficacy. Capsules are the same, though they don’t last as long as pills. Remember, check the dates and only take what you feel comfortable with.)

Thank you in advance for helping and supporting others!

Plus Anna is signed up with the Recycle For Lyme program (as are others!) so we can recycle supplement bottles that are done, tincture bottles, sports drink packages, shampoo bottles and other materials!

Even prescription bottles (but hang on, more on that in a moment)

More information can be found on their website.

***Prescription bottles go to a different place than Recycle For Lyme. A church is accepting used Rx bottles to pass along to those in need.

Thank you to the TOF for this great recycling program!


Please DON’T bring:

Picnic supplies, such as plates, napkins and utensils. We’ll supply all of those.

To maintain a comfortable and safe environment for all, this is a fragrance-free event. This means please refrain from wearing any perfumes, scented body-products and scented clothing (from laundry detergent to soaps and shampoos). No smoking or vaping of any kind will be allowed at this event.

You are more than welcome to take photos (please ask people you don’t know their preference) but we ask that you do not record near the pavilion nor the circle. If you want to do a Facebook Live, there are beautiful trails to walk to just feet away from the shelter, or there is the beautiful backdrop of the Salish Sea about 200 yards away, across Five Mile Drive, where privacy can be respected.


To keep a low-key and relaxing environment for guests, loud music and noisy games, sports equipment or the like will not be allowed.

While children and dogs are welcome to the event, please keep in mind that we want to keep the environment as tranquil as possible for our patients.

The weather in the Puget Sound region of Washington State is lovely in September.  We’ll post weather updates as we get closer to the event so that you can be prepared.

We are looking forward to seeing you all!!


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