Lyme Awareness Month 2022

This year’s Lyme Awareness Month started out with a bang! Niagara Falls and the Helmsley building both lit up green!

Screenshot of Niagara Falls webcam
1 May 2022
Screenshot of the live webcam from 5th Ave, the Helmsley building.
Be Tick Aware, a screenshot of Lyme Times Instagram.

Ticks are found in all countries on all 7 continents (yes even Antarctica, on penguins and other birds who fly to and fro) in the world.
Further you can find “hot spots” in a lot of countries like Germany, the USA, Canada, the UK, Kenya, India, Norway, Romania, Russia, France, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia, Turkey, Ethiopia, Finland, Mozambique, and I’m sure many others I just don’t know about.
Please be careful when you travel, or when you go to and from work. Or when you play in your yard. 75% of Lyme cases in the USA are from tick bites in our own yards. (I’m in the minority of getting infected while out or on vacation.)
The CG and I will be at the Purdy Spit Bridge on 21 May at 3p for the Annual BorreliaEtc Rally!

The different ways BorreliaEtc is known and  suspected to transmit to humans. Sexual contact is not proven by a double blind study, but we see it enough in the Lyme Community. There are other vectors like insects and animals that are not portrayed here.

TickSpotters reported that the first nymph ticks of the year were spotted and reported to them on the third week of April in New Jersey. They could be carrying diseases. Please be careful.  

This is a collage of just a few places ticks can be found.  Please use proper precaution, tuck your pants into your socks, wear arachnid repellent (ticks are not insects!),  when you come inside, throw your clothes in the dryer and get into a shower where you look for ticks on your body.  Water will wash unattached ones away. Have someone check the places you can’t see. (Your head, neck, back,   etc.)  

This time of year they’re so small they go undetected.  Nymph ticks start out the size of a period at the end of a sentence. They’ll be size of a poppy seed in May and June.   Most people don’t see the ticks.. but feel the effects for years and years. Stay on trails. Be aware. It’s far easier to treat acute infections than letting it fester for weeks,  months, or even years.

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