Borrelia Etcetera

Spider wove the dream

That became this world,

But her little cousin

Wove a nightmare.

It was all about fear then,

Fear, and a massive curve

Of slow, difficult learning

About minutiae monsters

And a family’s survival,

From the first crisis,

Over seven thousand,

Three hundred days

Of Borrelia etcetera.

Fear became familiar,

Once familiar, benign,

Now it sits in a dark

And quiet corner,

While we celebrate the lives

We refused to stop living.

This is how a family survives

Over seven thousand,

Three hundred days

Of Borrelia etcetera.

(Posted 3/31/2019)

Borrelia etc circa 2012

So, we’re at this place again,

Watching her guts be a Nova

Of radioactive eggs.

New doctor,

New hope,

New tests.

I spin backwards to a time

Being called Limey as a child,

Wild how the spirals run,

There and back again,

Miles of spirals in over

Three-thousand days

With Borrelia etc

Twisting guts, heart, and brain.

Round and round and round

Opinion goes,

And where it stops–

Is where the money goes,

You think so many things,

Trapped in tightening coils.


Still we fight to move forward

Even just the slightest bit;

Her courage lights it up

In rings of fire,

While I spin in circles between

Impotent rage and

Infinite love.

(Posted 15 June, 2019)

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